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Polyclonal Antibody Production Service in Rabbit, Chicken and Mice

At EVIOGEN DISCOVERY, we develop custom polyclonal antibodies of highest quality with fast and reliable delivery times. The antibody screening will be done by direct ELISA and Western blotting.

Sample requirements :

  • 5 mg of immunogen (Minimum 0.5mg/mL concentration)

Deliverables :

  • Pre-immunized and immunized serum from the desired animal
  • Purified antibody (optional)

Monoclonal Antibody Development Service in Mice

EVIOGEN DISCOVERY provides customized hybridoma development service to meet the customer needs. We will develop monoclonal antibodies to a wide range of antigens including peptides. All the animal experiments are carried out in our state-of-the art facility approved by CPCSEA, Govt. of India.

The monoclonal antibody development service is divided into four phases :

  • Phase I : Immunization and evaluation of antibody titer
  • Phase II : Fusion, plating and screening
  • Phase IV : Amplification- production of 25-50 ml of culture supernatant containing monoclonal antibody.

Sample requirements :

  • 5 mg of pure protein or 25-30 mg of peptide (Minimum 0.5mg/mL concentration)

Deliverables :

  • Phase I : 6-9 weeks
    • ELISA data for antibody titration
  • Phase II : 8-10 weeks
    • ELISA data for screening of hybridoma
    • Culture supernatant from 5 of the best hybridoma containing wells.
  • Phase III : 3-5 weeks
    • ELISA data for screening antibody secreting sub-clones
    • Culture supernatant from 3-5 of monoclones
    • Isotyping results of 3-5 of the monoclonal antibody
  • Phase IV: 3-4 weeks
    • 50 ml of culture supernatant containing monoclonal antibody
    • Frozen hybridoma cells
    • Final project report

Additional Hybridoma Rrelated Services :

  • Additional sub-cloning, expansion and screening of parental clones
  • Cryopreservation of up to 20 clones per month
  • Monoclonal antibody production in cell culture flask- 50 to 100 ml culture supernatant
  • Isotyping of monoclonal antibodies

Antibody Purification Services

EVIOGEN DISCOVERY provides a wide range of options for the purification of monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies. These include relatively common methods such as protein A and protein G affinity as well as protein L and antigen affinity chromatography.

Sample requirements :

  • Serum sample
  • If antigen affinity chromatography is required 5 mg of antigen to prepare purification column

Deliverables :

  • Purified antibody
  • Project report

Antibody Labeling Services

EVIOGEN DISCOVERY offersa wide range of antibody labeling services to meet the requirements of the researchers. Antibody conjugated to enzymes, biotin or FITC are widely used in a variety of immunotechniques as a detection reagent. We provide the following conjugation services

  • Conjugation to HRP
  • Conjugation to ALP
  • Conjugation to FITC

Single B-cell cloning and lead antibody identification

  • Novel platform to clone heavy and light chain sequences for maximal neutralizing antibody identification
  • Fastest turnaround time of four weeks from B-cell sorting to lead candidate characterization

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