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Antibody Hybridoma Sequencing Service

Rapid sequencing and cloning of antibody genes from hybridoma cells are essential steps in ensuring the preservation and utilization of valuable antibody sequences. By isolating and sequencing these genes, researchers can not only safeguard intellectual property through patent protection but also enable the efficient production of recombinant antibodies for various applications, including therapeutics.

Eviogen Discovery's hybridoma antibody sequencing service offers a comprehensive solution by not only providing quick access to the heavy and light chain sequences of antibody genes but also facilitating their cloning into plasmids for scalable expression. This integrated approach streamlines the process from sequence identification to practical application, making it easier for researchers to transition from discovery to production.

Overall, services like these play a crucial role in advancing antibody-based research and development efforts, ultimately contributing to advancements in healthcare, diagnostics, and biotechnology.


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